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We are a leading provider of sensor-based sorting and processing technology for the tobacco, raw materials industries and processed food industries. Developing state-of-the-art technologies, optimizing customers' production flow, and helping to deliver consistent high-quality output have been our strengths for more than 30 years in the sorting industry.

processed food
the tobacco


The BEST Genius™ optical belt sorter, using a combination of various sorting technologies, is the answer to the continuously high requirements of the food industry and individual processors. It ensures safe and excellent quality food by removing any unwanted discolorations and foreign material etc.


Dried fruit, Fresh cut, Vegetables, Nuts
Fruit, Seafood, Potatoes, plastic resin




The BEST Helius™ free-fall sorter provides an optical sorting solution to address the constantly increasing demands for high-quality products. It ensures consistent food quality and customer satisfaction, with products free of unwanted discolorations and foreign material.


Dried fruit, Vegetables, Nuts,tobacco
Fruit, Seafood, Potatoes



The BEST Opus free-fall camera/laser sorter is the ideal and most cost effective optical sorting solution for IQF fruit and vegetable processors on the market. By removing unwanted discolorations, foreign material, and different shape produce, with maximum yield, it provides continuous food inspection to ensure food safety and customer satisfaction at all times.


Vegetables, Nuts


Titan II

The ODENBERG Titan II optical food sorter is a performance machine to grade/sort on quality, size and for food safety. It is a low cost ownership machine for the packer and processor, built to last. Proven worldwide with hundreds of installations, the Titan II is the latest upgrade to the Titan, boosting power and features.





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